On September 8th, 2008 we joyfully dedicated a statue to the Town of Ballston Public Library.  In our on-going support of literacy and education, the statue represents the beginning of a lifetime of love for reading.  Karen DeAngelo, Library director, offered words of thanks and appreciation to the club for this wonderful statue to be enjoyed by generations of book-lovers for years to come. 

women's Club Members admire the 
"Reader in the Library Garden"

Statue Dedication
September 8, 2008

    We all like to read and we read to our very young children and grandchildren.  As they get a little older, we introduce them to our local library so they can pick out their own books and feel comfortable among the plentiful supply of books at their fingertips.  In school, they learn more about a library and how to go about finding the material they need.  In the upper grades, they rely on the local library for their term papers, research papers, information on authors, and many other sources of information.
    So, as we gather here today to dedicate this beautiful statue, what better example to set for a library than a child reading a book.  This is where it all begins for a lifetime of enjoyment with books.
    On this 8th day of September 2008, the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Women's Club dedicates this meaningful statue to the Burnt Hills Library for all to enjoy today and for many years to come.

-- Jean Coghill

Quiet Place

The bench is so high and his feet can't reach the ground,
But he sits and holds the book in his lap in a quiet place he's found.
He sits and holds a picture book, to him it's quite a feat,
He is such a little boy, dressed up and looking oh so neat.
Children can gather to find their books which they want to also read,
But he quietly sits and looks at his book,
Knowing that someday he will really read.

-- Gertrude Agar

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